In House Financing

Varidi® for CoolSculpting™ Procedures

If improving the way you look is something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the resources to actually get it done we have an answer! Introducing Varidi®, an in-house financing option which can help you get the treatments you want without having to use your high-interest credit card. Varidi® offers convenient monthly payment options so you can have your CoolSculpting™ procedure done today and spread some of the cost out over the next few months.

Cost shouldn’t prevent you from getting the procedure you desire. That’s why we offer affordable monthly payment plans, customized for you.

Your payment plan is financed by us. So there are no hidden fees, high interest rates, or confusing promotional periods.

Afforable. The only Varidi®, fee you pay is a fixed 1% monthly management fee, giving you peace of mind in knowing you have an affordable way to get the procedures you want.

Private & Secure. Varidi®, takes privacy seriously. Payment plans managed by Varidi® are safe, secure and HIPAA compliant.

Payment plans are simple. Work with us to customize a payment plan that fits your needs. Payments are automated based on the terms you decide with us.

Manage your account online. Whether you would like to make an early payment, review payment history, or update a payment method, your online account makes managing your payments easy.

Call us at 206-735-7588 to learn more and to apply for your Varidi® credit card today!