Does CoolSculpting™ Really Work?

Although we might be a bit partial to CoolSculpting™, we think it works exceptionally well.

However, there is one caveat: in order to obtain the amazing results from this non-invasive, body-sculpting technology, you must have the right kind of fatty tissue.

When our certified CoolSculpting™ specialists assess the areas that are bothering you, they are trying to determine if the unwanted fat lies between the skin and muscle (subcutaneous fat) or directly underneath the muscle wall (visceral fat). In order for CoolSculpting™ to deliver the maximum results, the fatty deposits should be subcutaneous, or lying between the skin and muscle. This type of fat often feels like the familiar “Pillsbury Doughboy”. It is very “squishable” and “pinchable”. We often call this the “perfect” type of fat and if that’s what you have, we can be fairly certain that CoolSculpting™ will be a good aesthetic option for you.

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Other types of fat, such as visceral fat, cannot be treated using the patented CoolSculpting™ technology. This type of fat accumulates around the internal organs and can distend the abdomen making it seem as though there is excess fat. Although it looks like excess fat, it is located in an untreatable location. We commonly see this with patients having insulin resistance, diabetes or the all-too-familiar “beer belly”. This type of abdominal fat cannot be pinched and as such, will not generally respond well to the CoolSculpting™ procedure.

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In some cases, the fat may have collected in a certain area but has a denser or “fibrous” feel to it. This type of fat can collect in the outer thigh area on women (saddle bags), the upper thighs (front and back) or in male breast tissue. CoolSculpting™ will absolutely work for these types of fat but will not be as efficient for fibrous belly fat. When you visit our office for your free consultation, our CoolSculpting™ specialist will let you know exactly what type of tissue you have and whether it can effectively be treated using CoolSculpting™.

Many CoolSculpting™ clinics will tell you that all types of fat can be treated. But this is just not so. Their intention is to sell you CoolSculpting™ treatments without having your best interest in mind. This is why some people report seeing no positive changes from their CoolSculpting™ procedure. That’s because CoolSculpting™ was not the right treatment for them.

At Seattle Aesthetics, our promise is to treat you the way we would want to be treated. We will never try to sell you a large package of multiple treatments or try to convince you to have the CoolSculpting™ procedure done if we do not believe you will see positive results. Our staff is committed to making sure you get the results you want. If CoolSculpting™ is right for you and your particular type of fatty tissue, we are happy to help you with your aesthetic goals.

Call our office today to schedule your free consultation to find out if CoolSculpting™ is right for you. We want you to have the results you deserve and if CoolSculpting™ can provide benefit, then we would be honored to help!