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Feel sexy and confident with CoolSculpting® from Seattle Aesthetics.

We have a good reason for not publishing our prices.


OK, we know how frustrating it is to go to a pricing page that doesn't actually give prices. But here's the thing: We also know how aggravating it is to get a "ballpark" estimate that turns out to be completely unrealistic. We just can't do that to people.

Sure, we could underestimate just to get you in the door and then go all high-pressure sales, but that's a lousy way to treat people. And we could overestimate to cover our bases, but then you might rule out the procedure as unaffordable without knowing a real price.

The bottom line is we want to give you a true and complete price upfront, and we simply can't do that until your consultation—which is, of course, free. You don't even have to drive to our office!

What have you got to lose?


No-Surprises Pricing

CoolSculpting® costs about the same wherever you go.

You won't find much variation in per-procedure costs, regardless of the clinic you choose. But with Seattle Aesthetics, you get a comprehensive estimate so you know exactly what to expect. And we refuse to pad your treatment plan with unnecessary procedures.

Feel certain you're not paying a dime more than you should.


Honest Guidance

CoolSculpting® isn't for everyone.

Although CoolSculpting® is approved by the FDA, that doesn't mean it's a good option in every situation. That's why we offer a no-cost, no-commitment assessment. We want to get to know you, your medical history, and your goals so we can make an honest recommendation.

Have peace of mind, knowing you're making an informed decision.


Expert Treatment

CoolSculpting® is all we do.

The quality of your CoolSculpting® technician can make or break your results. At Seattle Aesthetics, we're a body contouring boutique, and CoolSculpting® is all we do—from the time we open to the time we close.

Let go of the "what ifs" that come with less-experienced providers.


Guaranteed Results

CoolSculpting® works.

If we've offered to treat you, that means we're certain CoolSculpting® can get you results. So, if you follow our recommended plan and you don't get those results, we'll treat you again. For free.

Feel confident in your investment with our unmatched guarantee.

Cost shouldn't keep you from CoolSculpting®.

Two ways we make CoolSculpting® affordable:

Special Offers

In addition to the value we provide as Seattle’s only body contouring boutique dedicated exclusively to the CoolSculpting® treatment, we routinely offer generous discounts.

In-House Financing

Leave your high-interest credit card at home, and take advantage of our affordable, flexible in-house financing. The application process is simple and quick, and our repayment plans are painless.

For those who need it, we are proud to offer GreenSky® Patient Solutions.

With GreenSky®, you get:

● Flexible financing. With GreenSky®, you get a financing plan that fits your needs so you can pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance.

● Transparent estimates. With an online estimator tool, you can predetermine the payments for each plan we currently offer and select the one that best fits your needs.

● Easy, online account management. Whether you would like to automate your payment, review payment history, or update a payment method, your online account makes managing your payments easy.

● Privacy & security. GreenSky® takes privacy seriously. Payment plans are safe, secure and HIPAA compliant.

Check to see if you qualify for GreenSky® financing without affecting your credit score.

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