The CoolSculpting® Procedure

The CoolSculpting® procedure has been FDA cleared since 2010, delivering remarkable results by freezing individual fat cells and reducing unwanted pockets of fat.

When diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle just aren’t enough to reduce your unwanted pockets of fat, it’s time to consider CoolSculpting® as way to trim down and enjoy the body you deserve. At Seattle Aesthetics, we specialize exclusively in CoolSculpting® which allows us to deliver exceptional results!

CoolSculpting® does its magic by freezing targeted fat cells, causing them to crystallize and die. Once they are no longer functional, your body collects and disposes of these damaged fat cells through your liver and intestinal tract. Your body may dispose of a small number of these fat cells every day. Some people may see results in as little as four weeks, however the maximum results can be possibly appreciated in 90 days*. This slow process also allows time for your skin to gradually tighten and firm as the fatty area is reduced.

One of the greatest benefits of CoolSculpting® is that there is little-to-no downtime. Other invasive procedures such as surgical liposuction often require that you take several days or even weeks off work, school or other activities. But if you are like most people, your busy lifestyle just won’t allow for that much time off. Once you have your CoolSculpting® treatments finished, you may be able to get right back to your normal lifestyle. CoolSculpting® can be a remarkable procedure that may deliver amazing results in a very short period of time.

If you are looking for an affordable way to reshape your body, call Seattle Aesthetics at (206) 735-7588, or complete our online Request a Consultation form for a complimentary CoolSculpting® assessment. Our knowledgeable and experienced CoolSculpting® specialists will provide an honest opinion about whether CoolSculpting® will work for you. Don’t be tricked into purchasing multiple treatments somewhere else that you don’t really need. Call Seattle Aesthetics, Seattle’s exclusive CoolSculpting® clinic, today! Your skinny jeans are waiting!

*Results and patient experience may vary. **Data on file. ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.

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